Letter from our President

In my eighteen years in the industry, I have learned that providers of indemnity services set very different objectives for their businesses.  I found the most common of these to be: “to sell the most product” and “to achieve the highest profit margin”.

I created Midwest Indemnity because I believe an indemnity solution is not a “product”.  It is, rather, an agreement among business partners … borne from mutual respect and the understanding of one another’s goals.  I wanted clients that come to us, not because they are obligated to, but because they are looking to make their businesses more secure and successful for themselves and their customers.  I envisioned a company that considers the individual prosperity of those who come to work with us and for us to be its success.

I believe that profits sustain a business, but integrity defines it.  Achieving our company’s mission is not about becoming the biggest indemnity company, nor selling the most, nor making the latest service offering.  Instead, the Midwest Indemnity family was built one client at a time, each being welcomed in with an indemnity solution distinctively crafted to support their business.

We see Midwest Indemnity as a trusted ally, working hand-in-hand with every client as we customize solutions to meet their individual needs.  We strive to give each the confidence to focus on their business, knowing they can count on us to be by their side every step of the way, helping them realize their objectives faster and more reliably than they could alone.  Midwest Indemnity values the American spirit and “can do” attitude of entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses from nothing into something special.  We want to honor their effort by supporting and partnering with these businesspersons to help them defend their companies and protect them from risks and threats. 

Midwest Indemnity’s commitment to you is also mine.  We look forward to partnering with you in designing solutions that will strengthen, protect, and advance your company.

Randy McCarty


Mission Statement & Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to help secure the success of every business we serve by providing indemnity solutions that reinforce the goals of each of our clients and provide peace of mind to them and their stakeholders.

We understand that business involves risk.  We see our role as a trusted business partner who helps our clients prepare for and ameliorate this risk.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and competence.  We count ourselves as successful only when our clients achieve success.

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