At Midwest Indemnity, we focus on custom indemnity solutions, rather than standardized surety products required by government agencies, regulators, or industry practices.

We help businesses offer peace of mind to their customers and other stakeholders by providing protection that mitigates business risk. 

Our competitors often assume customers are purchasing indemnification because they “have to” due to regulatory or customer demands.  They focus on what the “industry demands” instead of what your business needs.

Midwest Indemnity’s solutions are geared toward the business owner who has a choice.  Our customers procure indemnity services from us when making a business decision to mitigate risk and enhance security for their company and its stakeholders.


Invoice Factoring Indemnification

At Midwest Indemnity, we indemnify commercial construction invoices.

The construction industry is in a challenging situation.  The industry has been growing, but it still has a long way to go.  It has barely reached its market size from almost 12 years ago, and that is without taking inflation into account.

How do you achieve security in this turbulent environment?  Back the invoice receivables you purchase with Invoice Factoring Indemnification from Midwest Indemnity.

An Invoice Factoring Indemnification agreement is an instrument which assures your financial backers that their principal and interest will be repaid should you not be able to collect full payment on the invoice and meet this financial obligation.

The services you render to construction companies and other stakeholders are essential and carry a tremendous responsibility.  It demands that you assemble the very best team to deliver on your promises.  Midwest Indemnity can be a significant member of your team, securing your financial stability. 

With Midwest Indemnity’s reputation for soundness and integrity, when you secure Invoice Factoring Indemnification from us, you tell your clients and stakeholders that you meticulously plan for every situation, even when bad debt exceeds your expectations. 

What volume of uncollectable invoices can you stand to lose?  What is the cost to your profitability?  What is the cost to your reputation?

You and your clients deserve the protection and peace of mind our indemnity solutions offer.  At Midwest Indemnity, we want to work with you so that the success of your clients’ businesses can be your central focus, just as your success is to us.


Capital Call Indemnification

Make your alternative investments more attractive to potential clients with Capital Call Indemnification from Midwest Indemnity.   

Our custom indemnification agreements protect LLC members or partners from other members who default on their financial responsibility and fail to pay capital calls as required in the partnership. 

Securing an indemnity solution from Midwest Indemnity means that the contract you and your stakeholders agree upon presents them with more than a financial commitment from you.  They also get the knowledge that Midwest Indemnity, with its reputation of integrity and creditworthiness, is standing behind your promise to them.

When deciding where to employ their money, individuals like sound companies that minimize their risk.  This type of indemnity solution affords peace of mind and a more appealing opportunity to those who purchase alternative investments from your company.

Incorporating an indemnity agreement with your financial offering significantly tilts the risk-reward equation in your favor.

The success of Partnerships, like Life Settlements contracts, depend upon premiums being paid on time.  Don’t let a single member defaulting on their capital call ruin your good track record.

Capital Call Indemnification agreements are not only advantageous to your customers and other stakeholders.  Your company’s financial status will likely be bolstered by the good standing of Midwest Indemnity, and this may lead to lower financing costs.

Custom Indemnity Solutions

Let us customize an indemnity solution for your particular situation.

Navigating the sea of procurable indemnity services to find which might truly benefit your company can be discouraging.  You are bound to discover, as most of our clients have during their efforts, that what you really need is a customized solution for your business concerns.

We can help guide you to finding the indemnity agreement that is right for you. 

At Midwest Indemnity we take great care to get to know you and your company.  We pay special attention to the objectives and particular circumstances of your business that you share with us, as well as explore challenges which may arise.  To gain a comprehensive insight, we also seek to understand factors such as your industry experience, the availability of liquid assets, as well as your personal and business financial records.  We are as thorough as possible, so we may design the optimal solution for your operation.

Think of us as a personal tailor who aims to collaborate with you to create an indemnification solution, custom fitted to your business.  We pride ourselves on the personal service we provide our clients.  This allows us to remain attentive, flexible, and centered on satisfying your business needs. 

We can help you figure out the best way to protect your business, so you can grow your business.